The Story of a Photographer

My passion for photography emerged when I was merely a child with multiple FunSaver single-use Kodak cameras at my disposal. I’m a believer that cameras are only the mechanism; the beauty and creativity that is portrayed using that mechanism are the true gems. Some of my best images were impromptu shots on an iPhone or meaningful moments with a single-use film camera – as long as the quality is exceptional, the specifics of the tool doesn’t matter. And to some that may sound like a lack of professional experience; however, it isn’t because I still adore my Nikon D5600 and a 50mm or 24-70mm lens. I just happen to see the beauty in various ranges of camera equipment.

Throughout my personal journey, I allowed the pressures of stability and practical standards to hinder me from pursuing a career in something I was truly passionate about. But I’m grateful for the journey because it deepened my passion for photography.

My artistic approach to photography is driven by the desire to evoke emotion. I create imagery that compels people to make memories with people and in places they love. Whether that’s deep in the country of my hometown, Wilson, North Carolina, in the beauty of the Pacific Northwestern United States, or abroad, I just want to inspire people to enjoy life. Because as cliché as it sounds, time will not wait for anyone. The range of imagery that I have captured throughout my photography journey has ranged from portraits to events to landscapes; however, they all were captured with that purpose in mind.



“Working with Tyra's Captures was an absolute treat. She truly aligns herself with your vision or theme, and then takes it to the next level with her skill!”

—Imanni S. of Aesthetically Yours

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